Ca Mau is a coastal Province in the southernmost part of Vietnam: coastlines in Ca Mau Province are seriously eroded. The Province is divided into eight Districts.
One of these Districts is of extreme interest to the Loreto Program. Dam Doi District is divided into 16 communes. Most of this District has extensive hectares of shrimp production. Farmers are being guided with ‘raising techniques’ in how to increase shrimp yield.
Of the 532 schools in Ca Mau Province – three-quarters are located in remote rural areas – but if developed well they can serve as key educational centers and bring much development to the whole Province. Top priority is to focus on upgrading and developing schools in the country-side so that children in these areas can have access to better education.
Entrée – Tan Duyet Kindergarten: situated in a very isolated area of Dam Doi District – this kindergarten has 11 campuses – but currently all rooms are ‘borrowed’ from local Primary and Secondary Schools. If a new kindergarten was constructed and equipped it would encompass five campuses into one – and enable 150 three – five year olds to attend school – and all day, as plans will be shaped to build a kitchen and eating area. (The other six campuses will be retained as they are far from each other and serve children in very localized areas). The new pending Tan Duyet Kindergarten will move away from the restricting factor of holding Early Education classes in temporary classrooms.
For children who go to school by foot or by motorbike – narrow pathways are quite precarious. Children who travel to school by boat are also susceptible to flooded rives and swelling tides.