Hello everyone. I’m Cam Binh. I study Biotechnology in Tan Tao University. To talk about myself I can say it in one word: “True”. I love truth and I want to live out my true emotion. Enjoying my life most meaningfully   is my biggest dream. This is also one of the reasons why I decided to join as a volunteer with Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program. I hope Loreto’s activities will bring me self-confidence, experience and happiness because I can help many children. I’m also a vegetarian and I love animals.

I think if I’m alone, I can’t do everything. Therefore, I need you to stay here and stand by me. We are like a family and we will make Loreto become one of the most meaningful charity organizations in Vietnam. Finally, “You only live once”. Let’s enjoy!!!

Hello everyone, I am Giau. I am currently a student at Tan Tao University. You can see my name and it also says something about me. Giau means Rich. Here rich does not mean a lot of money but rather a lot of love.  I want to bring my assistance to all people everywhere - especially disabled people. And now I think I can fulfill  my wish, because I have come to know  about Loreto Kids Charity  and some its  activities which help disabled and underprivileged children.

I came to know about Loreto through Facebook and my friend, and then I immediately registered to become a volunteer.  When I participate in Loreto’s activities I have chances to be close to disabled children. Moreover I can help them with everything.  The first activity I have registered to attend is Loreto’s “Swim-with-a-Vision” program. Swimming is a necessary skill in life. . Through this program I hope I can help one child to learn how to swim

In addition I will try my best to participate in more activities.  I know I can perfect myself and help disabled and underprivileged children to have a more interesting life.

I am glad to introduce myself, my name is Cuong. I am student at the Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City. I often participate in many extra-curricular activities, especially voluntary work. The first time I knew about Loreto Vietnam was from   a TV show “Talk Vietnam” about chatting with Trish Franklin, the founder of Loreto. I was inspired by her work and Loreto Team.

Then, I joined in excursions with children from Nguyen Dinh Chieu School at the weekend. It was a chance to be a volunteer and to help blind children to know how to ride a horse. I was so happy to see them riding horses with such smiles I and thought that they truly explored incredible things in their lives. It was a good way for blind children to experience a different kind of life.


Overall, being a Loreto volunteer is a new experience for me and the chance to do more social work. I want to be a part of the Loreto volunteer group and to contribute myself for the children’s future.
Hello friends of Loreto Program, My name is Toan, I am a student of RMIT Vietnam, and a geek of Business of Information system (BIS). This is not the first time I have known about Loreto Program. I have cooperated with Loreto since high school.
Due to my course’s characteristics, I have to work with computers nearly my student life.  I usually spend my spare time on working programs and playing games. Besides, my simple life  flows without any extreme remarks, nor  special events.
One day, after I read a book of J. Maxwell, “Your Life Will Change When You Change”, I thought that I had to change, or I would have no remarkable turning point, and of course, no stable, future goal. Then I remembered Loreto Program, which I had the chance to take part in 4 years ago. The rest of my story is happy, enthusiastic, and full of terrific days with Loreto. The first program I joined was “Swim-with-a-Vision”. I put all my heart into the blind children’s dream of being able to swim. Furthermore, a year has passed, the fruit has been borne and some of them are now independent enough to swim with their belief. This is fabulous. Thank you Loreto Program.