Loreto Kids Charity is a registered international non-government organization (INGO) in Vietnam (Permit Number:15/CNV-VPDA) dedicated to the reduction of poverty through beneficial, qualitative and responsive educational opportunities for underprivileged and disabled students. Since 1997, Loreto Kids Charity has reached out to over 60,000 children through our projects; giving them support in various forms to foster an encouraging learning environment.  To read Loreto Kids Charity's Vision and Mission Statement, please click here.

To be a children-oriented future builder in the form of education for underprivileged and disabled children particularly in desperate and remote communities throughout Vietnam to embellish social change and development.

To offer a diverse range of sustainable, educational assistances through constructing new learning centres, supporting areas of curriculum and distributing resources for easier access to learning so that overall our beneficiaries are given powerful assets to discover their potential and educational capability. 


To offer initial assistance to projects and continually encourage our partners to grow towards gradual sustainability. Achieving this will enable educational environments and local communities to futuristically support themselves without LVAP’s ongoing funding and contributions.