The Loreto Team often says: ‘We haven’t finished yet!' Once we have ‘lifted learners into the future’ in one region – we are ready, willing and very much want to move to the next - in order to magnify and develop valuable and stimulating learning environments for other needy children.

This is our current “Wish List” – in particular stretching to many remote, poor and isolated areas of Southern Vietnam. Sponsors are welcome to donate full or part of the total costs of the projects. Sponsors will have their names honourably displayed on our plaques and invited to the ground-breaking and opening ceremonies.

School Packs (rural students)


LVAP is already calling for expressions of interest in providing pending “School Packs” for the rural school students in our remote and far-flung Primary Schools.

One school pack = $12. Most of our schools accommodate over 500 children: therefore 500  x  USD 12 = USD 6,000

To know more about our 'School Packs' program, please click here